MIgrantour Guide

How does it work?

The Migrantour project has as primary objective of making the migrant communities the great protagonists of an unusual journey inside European cities, offering a different and often surprising look at places and people.
An urban tourism route that stresses the values of inclusiveness, dialogue, solidarity, equality of the different cultures, with their memories, starting from the very roots to reach a new vision of the future in which differences will become a source of mutual enrichment and pleasant continuous discovery.
On this website you will find the tools you need to create a new tourist route in your city, starting from experience consolidated by the partners of the Migrantour project.
From the idea to the practical realization of a real tourism guide, with a specific map.
Your city will also be able to be part of a unique and original urban tourism circuit.
In these pages you will find the information you need to join the Migrantour project and get in touch with the coordinators of ACRA and Viaggi Solidali to enrich the initiative in every aspect.
Thanks to the attached documents, some of which can be downloaded directly from the website, some can be consulted by contacting ACRA, your city will be able to become part of the Migrantour project.


How do you make a guide of your city?
Thanks to a guide, ours!

Download the first chapters of the Migrantour project guide and get in touch with ACRA through a simple form to get the complete documentation.

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